Thursday, September 17, 2020

Liver - Yummy or Yucky!!!

Known as a "Superfood" whether it's Lamb, Pig, Calves or Chicken and very affordable

I was watching a programme the other day and it seems Liver is making a comeback. Why???

So what is in Liver, why is it good for us

Vitamin B12:  Vitamin B12 helps the formation of red blood cells and DNA. It is also involved in healthy brain function

Vitamin A:  Vitamin A is important for normal vision, immune function and reproduction. It also helps organs like the heart and kidneys function properly 

Riboflavin (B2):  Riboflavin is important for cellular development and function. It also helps turn food into energy 

Folate (B9):  Folate is an essential nutrient that plays a role in cell growth and the formation of DNA 

Iron: Iron is another essential nutrient that helps carry oxygen around the body. The iron in liver is heme iron, the kind most easily absorbed by the body

Copper: Copper acts like a key to activate a number of enzymes, which then help regulate energy production, iron metabolism and brain function 

Choline: Liver provides all of the Adequate Intake (AI) for women and nearly all of it for men.  Choline is important for brain development and liver function

Some people just can't stand to even look at Liver, I get it.  Personally I follow a Ketogenic diet including Liver and I do believe that taste buds change as we change our diets so don't rule it out completely until you have given it a chance, these days people are looking to be as healthy as possible, maybe try some Liver Pate (or even better make your own), Liverwurst, Liver Mousse or cut it up finely and add it to soup or stews etc.

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